Know every angle before playing with Aggressive Maniac.

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Aggressive Maniac Or Those Who Are Crazy About Playing Aggressive Style. Let’s See How This Type Of Player Is. What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses? And How Should You Deal With Them?

This Type Of Player Tends To Raise Pre-Flop And Bet Almost Every Flop, Especially When Other Players Are Checking, And Most Of The Times When This Type Of Player Raises, He Re-Raises The River Without Hesitation.

Know every angle before playing with Aggressive Maniac.


By Playing A Manner Of Intimidating And Intimidating The Opponent. He’s Always The Pot Taker If No One Is Brave Enough To Call, And Has Been Known To Maniacs When It Comes To Maniacs, And They’ll Always Try To Make It To The Showdown. 

In Tight Games, They’re Still As Likely To Win With Steal Blinds And Flops As When Called Down, And When He Has A Strong Hand, You Never Know. Because Of His Playing Style, He Will Still Be An Offensive Game Like He Always Does.


In A Loose Game With A Calling Station Many Maniacs Can’t Win By Bluffing And In This Situation We Smile Because These Types Of Players Tend To Bet Thoughtlessly. This Is The Obvious Weakness That This Strategy Cannot Win In The Long Run. And He Often Defeats Himself By Investing Too Much Money In The Pot When He Has A Weak Hand And His Opponent Has A Better Hand.


If You Have A Strength Hand, Folding Is Almost Never Correct. You Have To Know That Most Of These Are Bluff Situations Where You Really Should Fold, Such As When Maniac Bets Before You And You Have Potential Callers Behind You. Even Though You Know Maniac Is Bluffing, You Don’t Want To Be Beaten By A Caller Following You, Right? Therefore, Position Matters Quite A Lot To Maniacs.


In A Situation Where Everyone Folds And You Have To Heads-Up Against Maniac You Will Need To Call, If You Have Mid/Bottom Pair, Pockets, Ace High Or King High Still Worth A Try, Just Call To The River I Hope You Win. You Might Lose Some. But Most Of Them Believed That They Definitely Had To Win More Often.


I Recommend Betting On Strong Hands Such As Top Pair And Above And Hope Maniac Will Re-Raise Too.


When You Plan To Raise Back To Maniac And Expect Him To Raise To The River, If You’re Scared, Call When He Raises And Bet In The Next Street, And Then Call When He Raises Again. Hurts You A Lot If You Miss.


I Suggest If You Sit To The Right Of Maniac It’s Better To See His Play Before He Circles You. In This Position You Can Check And Let Them Bet And Cover Your Hand.

But On The Starting Hands Side, Sitting To The Right Might Be An Issue, Because You’ll Have Blinds And Limp Other Raises Before The Flop If You’re Not The Type Of Player To Defend. You May Choose UFABET To Sit To The Left Of The Maniac Instead.